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Language Ownership Program

We believe the keys to success are ownership, engagement, collaboration, and trust. That’s why we work with every stakeholder in your content creation process to build a smart ecosystem that improves quality and streamlines the entire process.

We take ownership (and responsibility) from start to finish

As extended members of your team, our reviewers can engage directly with teams to advise and share their expertise in language and quality of translation while working as both project managers and linguistic experts.

That has two big benefits for your team:

  • We can identify pain points within the system and reinforce fluid localization workflows.
  • We understand language from both a linguistic and cultural standpoint, so we make sure your translations are not only accurate, but culturally sensitive and relatable.

The result? Deliverables that are natural and accessible for the target audience.

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Cultural Appropriateness & Inclusive Language

Obtain market-relevant and inclusive content via curation, cultural advisory, inclusivity and accessibility reviews, and sensitivity reading.

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Engaged In-country Experts

Our reviewers can not only spot linguistic erros, they are also experts in your industry and domain of action. They foster optimal engagement within your translators’ community for the most efficient quality focus.

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Data Analytics

We take a very rigorous approach to data collection and analysis, to prioritize our quality management programs on the locales that require the most attention.

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Continuous Improvement

We foster a culture of ongoing improvement and innovation for all your content types.

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