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Language Quality Evaluation

At Chillistore we understand your evolving business goals and the challenges that come with global growth. As quality experts, we make sure the linguistic quality goals of your localized content are met, so you can reach your target audience, deliver a culturally appropriate message, and provide a great user experience.

To achieve these objectives, our experienced team can design and implement a tailor-made Linguistic Quality Evaluation model. We leave no stone unturned; from LQA execution and SME review to in-context review, linguistic testing, and linguistic sign-off.

Having a Linguistic Quality Evaluation program handled by experts means:

  • Efficient Quality Strategy and Implementation:
    • Streamlined processes for linguistic quality assessment
    • Clear workflows established to ensure smooth integration
  • Insightful Quality Reports:
    • Transparent insights translated into easy-to-digest information
    • Data-driven decision-making for quality improvement strategies
  • Structured Feedback Management:
    • Systematic capture and incorporation of reviewer feedback
    • Continuous improvement cycles for ongoing quality enhancement
  • Effective LSO Procedures:
    • Confidence in the linguistic accuracy of localized content before release
    • Expedited project delivery with efficient linguistic sign-off processes
  • Enhanced MT Evaluation:
    • Improved machine translation output through rigorous assessment
    • Optimization of MT systems for better linguistic accuracy
  • Thorough Evaluation of AI-Generated Content:
    • Assurance of linguistic coherence and alignment with brand voice
    • Cultural sensitivity checks for appropriateness and accuracy with context-specific references

At Chillistore, we seek to improve linguistic quality continuously, from having a pool of dedicated in-country experts to developing and introducing innovative technologies and processes. We use dashboards and metrics to analyze quality, address and bring solutions to potential issues, review and rate translated content according to industry standards (or the ones tailored to your needs), and exchange feedback and maintain close communication with translation teams to guide them toward success.

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