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How Our Exclusive Language Ownership Program Streamlines Content Creation While Boosting Quality

It’s an obvious statement, but it bears repeating: No matter what the language, no matter which markets you are operating in, having high-quality, impactful localized content is essential to business success – both from the standpoint of website SEO to gain prospects all the way down to clear instructions and stand-out customer support to keep future business coming.

And, while we all know the above is true, the real challenge is creating the process that ensures all your translated content is of the highest quality possible. As a company that got its start in LQA, we at Chillistore understand the “how” of this process is best done by sharing responsibility between those who know the business, the target markets, and the process best.

Building Collaboration for End-to-end Content Success in 4 steps

We’ve pioneered the application of a highly successful collaboration framework model into localized content creation. Bringing business, market and process expertise together means we have all the stakeholders on board through every step of the content creation journey. Here are the four steps:

1. Start with Great Source Material

At the heart of translation quality is having the best possible source material to build your localization efforts off of. We use the principles pioneered on our Language Ownership Program to ensure the highest quality source materials to begin the translation process. With this content optimized and positively representing your service promise, you have a source of truth for all your localized content. Guaranteeing this means more than a standard LQA firm’s approach. We work side-by-side with the stakeholders in your organization to ensure everyone agrees on the source content’s quality before we go to the next steps. By doing this, we guarantee we have a central point to refer back to whenever there are questions of translation or brand intent.

2. Content Suitability and Profiling Ensures the Message Resonates in Every Culture

Ensuring accurately translated localized content from the provided source material is where most LQA providers stop. But it leaves a nagging question for any sharp-minded business professional: How do you know the content will make an impact and deliver all the results it’s capable of?

We can help you answer this question with not one, but two collaborative steps that maximize translation effectiveness and move your LQA from simply asking, “Does it translate?” to “How effectively will it work when translated?”

Content Profiling: By first understanding your business goal we can apply source readiness analysis to map and cluster content based on those goals. This helps you get a better picture of the overall effectiveness of source content, where the opportunity for greater effectiveness lies, and lets us agree on efficient production workflows that prioritize certain content for highly skilled human subject matter experts, others for standard translation, and still others for machine translation with human post-editing based on your business goals, etc. In short: Work smarter, not harder and use your budget in the right place.

Content Suitability: A discriminating eye that catches discrepancies is what LQA is all about. By first understanding your brand and business goals, along with the legal and cultural concerns of your target markets, we can filter out anything that doesn’t fit your brand’s image and messaging or that would otherwise expose you to geopolitical, legal or cultural risks. This helps ensure all your translated content meets government compliances and is locally relevant.

3. Collaborative Terminology Management Gives Your Team One Voice

Repeatable, consistent messaging is at the heart of translation quality. And the most efficient way to create this consistency is with a properly designed and implemented term base. Here the collaboration framework pairs SMEs and the translation team to identify and codify specific terminology that is unique to your industry and brand. Whether the system is as simple as a spreadsheet for a small implementation or requires a full industry-available or customized terminology management system, by bringing together the teams to collaborate on the solution and record those results early in the process, you get a high-quality start that saves translation resources later.

4. Translation Memories Capture the Learnings for the Next Project

Content creation is rarely if ever a single-use project. We work with your team to capture the most commonly used phrases and strings in what we call “Translation Memeory” so that they can be reused. By keeping these common strings consistent it helps to ensure your brand voice stays consistent. These Translation Memories can get poluted over time though so we always suggest good maintentece. Our proprietary AI-enabled TM clean-up tool is good place to start with little investment but high value. All this guarantees your content doesn’t just read and sound great the first time, but continues sounding great for seasons to come with minimal “tone drift”.

Like What You See in Our Content Philosophy? Let’s Collaborate!

Helping businesses expand and grow from market to market in the most efficient and consistent way possible is our passion, at Chillistore. We’d love to help your team grow your localized content while maintaining consistency in every language and culture you interact with. Drop us a line and let’s start creating together!

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