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Style Guide Management

A style guide is like a recipe book in the culinary world. Just as a recipe book provides chefs with detailed instructions on ingredients, quantities, and cooking techniques to ensure the dish’s consistency and flavor, a style guide equips translators with linguistic guidelines, cultural nuances, and contextual standards critical for adapting content to a specific locale.

At Chillistore, we’re no strangers to the challenges that come with managing style guides:

  • Lack of Guidelines for Specific Markets: Expanding to a new market and creating a style guide from scratch can be challenging, especially if there are no local teams to provide guidance on linguistic preferences.
  • Mixed Structures: Sometimes, style guides are created by different people, resulting in each document having different information and sections. This makes it impossible to manage all style guides in a centralized way.
  • File Management: The best way to capture the nuances of each language is to have one style guide per locale. That means you might end up with several files to manage. Storage location, file format, integration within CAT tools, version control, file sharing with translators, update approval process… It can be overwhelming.
  • Outdated Information: If your brand evolves but your style guides don’t, you will soon start seeing inconsistencies in your content.

At Chillistore we understand the value of a good recipe book and have the perfect spice mix to complement your dishes and keep your linguistic assets updated. We can support you with:

  • Style Guide Creation: If your company is expanding into new markets, we can help you create a style guide that captures all the necessary information: the voice of your brand, linguistic preferences, localization considerations, and more. Our language experts will ensure that translators have all the information they need to translate your content consistently.
  • Style Guide Maintenance: We gather insights and data from LQE, the Language Ownership Program, queries, and feedback loops to make sure that linguistic preferences are continuously added to your style guides. All while giving you the information you need to approve the updates, keeping a change record for future reference, managing files, and informing translation vendors once the documents are updated.

We take a comprehensive approach to quality management, believing that excellence comes from various elements working together seamlessly. Your style guides are essential to deliver a product or service that feels natural, not translated.

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