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Language Quality Evaluation

(Multi-type) Quality Evaluation

In localization, there is no universal approach. For this reason, we work with multi-type quality evaluations to provide a comprehensive assessment that examines different quality dimensions for a variety of content types, whether it’s your legacy content or a recently translated blog post. No matter if it is text, images, multimedia, or anything in between, at Chillistore we are dedicated to making sure the final product is error-free, culturally appropriate, and provides end users with a seamless experience.

Our Quality Evaluation Solutions include:

  • Human Translation Evaluation: A rigorous assessment by expert linguists ensures linguistic accuracy, fluency, and cultural appropriateness in translated content.
  • Machine Translation (MT) Evaluation: We evaluate and optimize machine-translated content for linguistic quality and relevance.
  • AI-Generated Content Evaluation: Our comprehensive evaluation extends to AI-generated content, ensuring your requirements are met.
  • MTPE and AIPE Quality Evaluation: Post-editing of machine translated or AI-generated content is evaluated by our team to guarantee alignment and consistency with your brand voice.
  • Subtitles Linguistic Quality Evaluation: Our pool of experts carefully considers linguistic nuances, timing, and readability to ensure subtitles accurately convey the intended meaning while maintaining synchronization with audiovisual content.
  • UX Evaluation: We assess user experience aspects such as readability, functionality, accessibility, cultural appropriateness, and navigation to ensure that localized content effectively engages and resonates with target audiences. Our team also examines linguistic and functional elements within your applications or software, controlled on various devices, to maintain consistency and functionality across platforms.

With these solutions, we can help you mitigate the following risks:

  • Uncertainty about overall translation quality, leading to concerns about its effectiveness and impact on target audiences.
  • Linguistic inaccuracy, potentially creating content misunderstandings or misinterpretations by users in different linguistic regions.
  • Inconsistencies across languages, resulting in disjointed messaging and brand representation when the terminology, style, and cultural adaptation across different languages is not maintained.
  • Functional issues, when localizing websites, platforms, or other types of clickable content that require an enhanced and seamless user experience.
  • Cultural insensitivity, risking offense or miscommunication with target audiences that could damage the brand reputation.

At Chillistore, our team of Quality Managers have demonstrable experience working with a wide variety of industries, content types, and platforms. Leveraging a holistic approach, we are committed to making sure your localized content meets adequate quality goals per content type, and risks are minimized.

With our expertise in linguistic quality assurance, you can expect streamlined quality evaluations according to their needs, optimized localization processes, and greater success engaging global audiences and driving business growth.

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