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Third Party Review and Language Quality Assurance

The Chillistore Approach

At Chillistore, we specialize in third party review and Language Quality Assurance (LQA). Perhaps if you have a lot of experience in the translation industry, you know exactly what we do and what we mean by “quality.” For those who are less experienced — and in the interest of providing a quality blog post that’s digestible for everyone — we’re going to break it down for you.

What differentiates us from Language Service Providers (LSPs) is that we don’t translate content; translators translate content. We come in after the initial translation and provide feedback — we review the translated content for language errors, inconsistent wording, and cohesive brand representation. To put it simply, we make sure your content reads well, sounds good, and is true to your brand.

How does our process benefit the customer? So often, translation is about quantity and not quality. Translators are pressed for time and want to translate as much copy as possible, which leaves room for errors and inconsistencies. (Even one wrong letter can change the entire meaning of a sentence. Ask Siri about this. She’ll relate). We provide our own team of Language Experts who work directly with LSPs, to address translation issues and make sure content is relevant for the brand and culture. 

A great example of this is a project that was intended for a Brazilian audience. The client had an English translation with the phrase, “dive bars.” In English, we automatically understand this to mean a grungy place with cheap beer (and maybe pool) that we enjoy on days when nothing seems to go right. We get a visual of the atmosphere, the clientele, and the relatability of the experience. Chances are, most countries have a version of a cheap, slightly suspicious (but always entertaining!) roadside bar where the beer is cold and you know the owner by name (because he never leaves). But what about the countries where people don’t drink? A “dive bar” won’t resonate with them. A local neighborhood restaurant or food stall, however, probably will. In this example, taking the time to think about the cultural references is crucial. The client needed to be cognisant of these differences, in order to effectively sell their product.

Even if a country does drink, there’s also the issue of the language. In other countries, like Brazil, “dive bar” might translate to a bar for divers. Readers might get a visual of customers in flippers and floaties trying to procure cheap beer. Should divers be allowed to drink before submerging into water? Is there a sobriety test before putting on a wetsuit and grabbing your oxygen tank? Should we call someone?? Changing the language to “boteco” — the Portuguese equivalent of “dive bar” — would have accurately targeted the Brazilian market. Understanding and respecting cultural references is crucial in our business. 

But how would a busy translator know about this cultural difference? That’s where we come in! Our Subject Matter Experts point out discrepancies and suggest more appropriate alternatives. 

We also take things a step further, by combining our language expertise with technical knowledge. Our linguists test your products, to make sure they run smoothly and make sense in-context. We check that your words are consistent across products, services, and platforms, and help craft a tailored SEO strategy. Chillistore’s goal is to function as an extension of your business. You focus on your business, and we provide a resilient, end-to-end, total quality management program.

This is what we mean when we say “quality.” Your finalized translation won’t only read accurately, but will also be true to the culture and market you wish to address. 

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