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Terminology Management

Consistent use of your own terminology makes your branded content unique and recognizable among your competitors. Our team will guide you from the creation to the maintenance of this important asset. Plus, we will define roles and responsibilities to implement smart workflows in custom and industry-available terminology management systems. Why risk mediocre terminology management when you can have something truly premium?

We know the challenges that come with terminology management:

  • How can you make sure only relevant terms are added to the termbase?
  • Should you keep separate glossaries for different content types or one consolidated termbase?
  • How can you capture requests from linguists to update the termbase in an efficient, non-time-consuming way?
  • And most importantly, how can you have control over it?

You can count on us to find the answer! Here at Chillistore we can help you to:

  • Craft a Terminology Strategy to specify what types of terms are going to be added to the termbase (and which are not). This will keep your termbase relevant and noise-free.
  • Create and/or maintain a consolidated termbase or individual glossaries, based on the CAT tool you use, the way projects are set up, and content types.
  • Extract terms from your translation memories or documents so that your termbase is up to date. We use bespoke tools to mine terms together with relevant metadata (part of speech, definition, domain) and then request our language experts to validate and translate them. This is the perfect combination to save time while making sure there’s an expert eye involved.
  • Create a process to capture glossary update requests from linguists and internal stakeholders. In a digestible, easy-to-process format, we can triage requests and provide you with all the information you need, for example, alignment with Terminology Strategy or impact on translation memories, to make a final decision.

And that’s not all. Our team of seasoned linguists can translate terms and provide consultancy when needed, all while making sure there’s agreement with the translation team, and your interests and preferences are safeguarded.

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