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Language Quality Assurance

Language Ownership Program

Removing gaps in localization.

Connecting teams for feedback and knowledge sharing

Description: The Language Ownership program was created to bridge the gap between translators, reviewers, and extended stakeholders involved in the localization process. When gaps exist between these core players, errors and inconsistencies arise and detract from a product’s or service’s multilingual success. 

As extended members of your team, each reviewer can engage directly with teams, to advise and share their expertise in the language and quality of translation. Reviewers work as both project managers and linguistic experts, identifying pain points within the system and reinforcing fluid Localization workflows. These experts know language from both a linguistic and cultural standpoint. They’ll make sure your translations are not only accurate, but also culturally sensitive and relatable. The result? Deliverables that are natural and accessible for the target audience.

Chillistore Offerings:

  • Team meetings — we bridge the gap between translators by encouraging linguists to work together and communicate.
  • Collective decision making — linguists can collaborate to suggest updates to the style guide, or agree on a translation for a term. This way, the translator is involved in the decision making from the start.
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