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Sometimes, a certain message doesn’t translate well to a market or culture. One of the recurring challenges of working with languages is respectfully navigating different topics. Language is, after all, part of people’s identities. 

One of our company goals is to bring those discussions to the center of the content we review and create. We provide market-relevant and inclusive content via curation, cultural advisory, accessibility review, and collaboration with sensitivity readers. Accepting that language should reflect people — their needs, identities, and choices — is our first step at Chillistore. We are passionate about finding solutions that transition away from old, stale systems, and move toward modern and inclusive solutions; and we’re proud to walk how we talk. Internally, we host Bias and Compassion workshops for our freelancers, where we discuss the importance of inclusive, diverse language. We then work to implement this language across everything we do. After all, diversity is in our DNA.

Chillistore offerings:

  • Provide relevant advice — we provide both linguistic and cultural advice regarding your translations. We’re mindful of which terms and phrases won’t work in certain contexts, and we assess with a variety of groups and intersections in mind. We also make sure the translation is true to the original content’s mission.
  • Provide research — we employ local researchers to identify relevant cultural information, and to create strategy reports you can use to be more inclusive in a particular language. 
We exist to assure your content speaks to everyone. Read more about how we stand apart.

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