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Multilingual Testing

Functional Testing

Functional Testing that goes beyond pass/fail

You don’t want to simply know “Will it work?” You want to know your development works exactly how the customers in your new market expect it should run. This is why we provide technical QA for products that are only available in a particular language, or that need to be tested in the final, localized form. From location-specific formats and currency to properly localized error messages and popups, our function testing offers a detailed evaluation of technical issues from a real user’s perspective, as well as a high-level evaluation of the language used.

The goal? To eliminate confusion for customers and ensure a long business relationship in the market for you. 

Seasonings on offer:

OS compatibility – ensure  internationalized UI performs well with different operating systems (example: Android vs. iOS)

Market-ready concerns – Is your content compatible with international keyboards? Do forms and buttons work in the localized version? Are pop-ups and error messages localized?

De-bugged links – Do your hyperlinks go to the right localized URLs?

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