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How is creativity measured?

Description: Marketing and creative content (such as blog posts and campaigns, social media content, or banners) require a different measure of quality. We know this.

Traditional standards measures might feel creatively limiting; however, marketing translation does require a touch of spice. It needs to sell, while also being fun, fluent, or both. We can develop a tailored review measure for this type of content, taking the specific requirements of each marketing workflow into consideration. Our reviewers will work with your team to develop a creative brief, which they’ll use as a quality measure. If the content strays from the creative guidelines, it will be subject to editing. Our writers are fluent in understanding creative nuances across a variety of projects and cultures, and want to make your content stand apart from the crowd.

Chillistore offerings:

  • Create a measure of quality — creative content is different from other content because it requires more flexibility in evaluation. We’re mindful of your creative content needs and won’t assess your translations like a regular reviewer might. We’ll create a measure of quality that’s unique to your creative needs.
  • Build a report — after identifying a quality measure for your team, we build a report. We understand that creativity requires accepting certain terms, phrases, and uses, and clarifying (or removing) others. Our goal is to maintain as much as the original message as possible.
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