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Keeping the right amount of spice in your selling message

Marketing content such as blog posts and campaigns, social media content, or banners present a localization conundrum all its own: Not only do these messages have to be technically accurate and consistent with your other content, but they also have to be just as engaging, persuasive and emotionally appealing to your new market as it is at home. 

To make this happen, we augment the traditional content translation standards with an extra tool: The Local Market Creative Brief. Our reviewers start with your home-market’s brand standards and work with you to create a specifically tailored “recipe” for the voice and tone considerations in all in-market communications. The goal? Translate the brand promise into a relevant message for the local market – and then keep it consistent as the content in your local marketing mix grows.

If any new content is straying from the creative guidelines, it can easily be edited to return to the standards. And rest easy: our writers are fluent in understanding creative nuances across a variety of projects and cultures.

The result?  Culturally appropriate and emotionally appealing creative content to set your brand apart from the crowd.

Seasonings on offer:

Qualitative measurement structure — creative content is different from other content because it requires more flexibility in evaluation. We’re mindful of your creative content needs – and we adjust our translation assessment accordingly to create a measure of quality unique to your creative needs.

Building in-market brand guardrails— after identifying a quality measure for your team, we create a guide for your marketing communications. We understand that creativity requires accepting certain terms, phrases, and uses, and clarifying (or removing) others. Our goal is to maintain as much of the original message as possible.

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