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A recipe to follow: Terminology strategy and management, Style Guide creation, and content briefing

A successful localization cycle depends on reliable and updated support documentation. That’s why we work with certified terminology managers and experienced linguists who are used to working on the creation and maintenance of supporting assets.

The result? Consistent terminology and format from beginning to end – and no customer confusion after deployment.

Terminology strategy and management — we identify the terms (and their translations) that are most important to your needs. We then create a glossary for the translators that builds consistency. We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach, so we work to keep your glossary updated and relevant. The goal is to provide a consistent guideline, without limiting translators’ creativity. 

Seasonings on offer:

Style Guide creation — we create guidelines to suit your stylistic needs. You help us understand your voice, grammatical preferences, etc., and we make sure your style guide reflects your brand’s DNA. This serves as the reference document for your future translations.

Content briefing — we create a briefing that covers all other relevant information that isn’t included in the glossary or guide. This way, the translator understands what they’re translating and why, as well as the target audience. 

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