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Director of Quality & Creative Solutions

Mariana Rolin

As the Creative Content & Localisation Quality Program Manager at Chillistore, Mariana Rolin is committed to finding the best approach to any project, via collaboration, trust, and transparency. She is a problem-solver, who uses visual arts and language as tools to create change. Mariana has over a decade of experience working in the content creation, illustration, localization, and quality management spaces. She is a certified Terminology Manager (European Certification and Qualification Association), as well as a Brazilian living in Ireland — she knows what it means to be multilingual and cross-functional! 

Mariana is also a published artist! She loves illustrating, and enjoys reading comic books. She’s the proud owner of several plants, as well as a skilled sewer. Her preferred level of spice? Very spicy! She can’t get enough pepper in her food.